This is a fine album filled with sounds and white rabbits that draw you into a world of predominantly world rhythms enticing the listener to become an amateur explorer of other cultures. The vocals are endearing and the production value, with an absolute nod to cultural instrumentation, is spot on. I must give a nod to the child performance at the beginning of “This Land Is Your Land.” The song is seminal as we hand it over to future generations. The overall recording experience is terrific due to production values, vocals and song choice. The musicianship: exemplary. It is very uplifting, loving and accepting of other cultures and their music. This album is in touch with its audience and respectful. In addition, it lasers in on its target audience. I love the World Music component of this album. Five thumbs up if I had five thumbs.

Kids First – Coalition for Quality Children’s Media

Beautifully written and performed songs that celebrate the world within and the world around us – an international rhythm fest featuring engaging instruments and terrific production value. This family affair includes Francie’s husband Pat effortlessly swapping producer, vocals and musician hats and daughter Katie’s pure vocals are a welcome addition especially on ‘Heart of the Matter’ a song gifted to her by her parents as a first grader and now gifted back as a talented 17-year old. A lovely project from top to bottom and did I mention the fun and creative cover art? Well, there I just did.

Hurrah! An Album for kids that works for adults!

This is both a great album for kids and a relief for parents. Francie Kelley’s original song’s are clever. The musicianship and the production are both superb and unlike so many albums for kids, “Where Do You Want To Go Today” gets better with repetition. Yep, this is a sweet, sweet record for kids that you’ll look forward to listening to for a bit of escape yourself. Lovely!

Rob Roy Thomas – Los Angeles

Where Do You Want To Go Today? is the second children’s music CD by Francie Kelley, showcasing her clear and lovely singing voice. A multinational theme binds the joyous songs together with a sense of exploration and wonder; different tunes draw upon the rhythms and traditions of lands ranging Jamaican drumming to Irish fiddle playing to Argentinean tango, and much more. Jubilantly brimming with the enthusiasm of a grand international vacation, Where Do You Want To Go Today? is an upbeat antidote to the winter doldrums. Also highly recommended is Kelley’s first CD, “Wake Up And Go To Sleep”, winner of a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award among other honors.


I listened to your CD today and love it! I also feel that the CD has a global view and expresses a diversity in it’s philosophy which is so important today. Great Job!

Vicky Herman – Vice President, Warner Bros. Television

Where Do You Want To Go Today? is a sumptuous feast of talent, art and craft, and if you think it’s for kids only, then you’re mistaken. From start to finish you’ll be engaged in a musical journey driven by songs that are diverse in scope and performances that are as heartfelt and engaging as could be. What a triumph for Francie Kelley and her uber-talented family, and what a pleasure trip for all who follow her lead!”

Frank Potenza – Professor Chair; Studio/Jazz Guitar Program Flora L. Thornton School of Music University of Southern California

Each song puts a sense of fun and brings a calming influence into the classroom. ‘Wake Up & Go to Sleep’ would enhance any early childhood classroom’s music collection!

Corinne Muramatsu – Laurel Hall Early Childhood Center, Los Angeles

The love and childlike wonder that Francie Kelley possesses in life, she totally captures in ‘Wake Up & Go To Sleep.”

Allan Rich – Two-time Oscar and Grammy nominated songwriter

A perfect blend of tender, whimsical, and funny.

Lisa Marsoli – Best-selling children’s book author and editor