Wake Up & Go To Sleep

by Francie Kelley


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Wake Up & Go To Sleep
 is a family project which began to take shape, so to speak, during Francie’s pregnancy. The CD is a collaborative work of Pat & Francie’s, and daughter Katie co-wrote the opening track “Ce Ce Te Na Na” when she was four. She also brings her vocal talents to the CD.

This CD is about bringing joyful music into the home and introducing kids to a variety of musical styles. Whether Jammin’ in their Jammies or being soothed to sleep with the sweet sounds of slumber songs, infants, kids and parents alike will be totally engaged.

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Song Lyrics

By: Francie, Pat & Katie Kelley

The sun is shining, and it sure is bright
Get up, get out of bed, hey it feels alright
I want to take you swingin’ in the gully
We can play in my bamboo house
Go sliding in the soft green grass
It’s gonna be great day!

Ce Ce Te Nana
Ce Ce Te Nana hey hey
Ce Ce Te Nana
Means have a great day
Ce Ce Te Nana
Ce Ce Te Nana hey hey
Ce Ce Te Nana
Ce Ce Te Nana……Hey

Can we get ice-cream after school?
With rainbow sprinkles, it’ll be so cool
I’d like to go riding on a pony
Make a wish in a wishing well
Dive into the clear blue water
We’re gonna have a great day!


By: Francie & Pat Kelley

If you listen very closely to the voices in the wind
Then you’ll hear a choir of angels, children singing in your heart.

Mommy come and play with me, Daddy hold my hand
Away we’ll go on a flying horse to a far off distant land.
We’ll dance among the fairies and play with all the bears
There’s so much I want to show you, so much for us to share.


We’ll build a castle in the sand then watch it wash away.
The memories remind us of how we spent our days.
We’ll fly a kite together high upon a hill
And reach as high as we know how, and show the world our will.


Don’t you know as the children grow, there’s something left behind
Memories of all we shared, to light a place inside


By: Francie Kelley

I know a little girl named Katie
She has a bear named Matie
They go to the beach on Sunday
To watch the ships go sailing by.

I know a little girl named Katie
She has a dog named Gracie
Who has a very big brown spot
over one very big brown eye.

Katie, Katie, Oh what a lovely name
Katie, Katie, Isn’t this a funny game?

I know a little boy name Jordan
He has a frog named Gordon
They go to the marsh on Mondays
To count the crocodiles.

I know a little girl named Savannah
She has a pig named Hannah
Who has a very curly tail
On one very big behind.

Savannah, Savannah, Oh what a lovely name
Savannah, Savannah, Isn’t this a funny game?

I know a little girl named Lizzie
She has a duck named Dizzie
They go to the fair on Fridays
To ride the ferris wheel.

I know a little boy named Adam
He has a lizard named Madam
She has very long green toes
and a very big scaley nose.

Adam, Adam, Oh what a lovely name
Adam, Adam, Isn’t this a funny game?

I know a little girl named Katie,

By: Francie & Pat Kelley

Hey everybody, get your jammies on
Common everybody, you can jam with your jammies on!

Jammin’ in my jammies
singing through some songs
Jammin’ in my jammies
why don’t you sing along
Jammin’ in my jammies
you cannot sing it wrong
Jammin’ in my jammies
we can sing it all night long

I’m singing a song to the dog
I’m singin’ it to the cat
Let’s go out to the backyard
where we can dance and rap
My brother plays the washboard
my sister has a kazoo
Hey we’ll have a band in no time
and you can have one, too.


You say you want to start a band
that you can call your own
Just take a look around you
And look inside your home
Go into the kitchen
and open up a drawer
There’s wooden spoons and pots and pans
and instruments galore


By: Clark Gesner

Happiness is two kinds of ice cream,
finding your skate key, telling the time
Happiness is learning to whistle
tying your shoe for the very first time.

Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band
and Happiness is walking hand in hand.

Happiness is five different crayons
Happiness is finding a nickel
Catching a firefly, setting him free
Happiness is being alone every now and then
and Happiness is coming home again

Happiness is singing together when day is through
And happiness is those who sing with you
Happiness is morning and evening, daytime and night time, too
Happiness is anyone, and everything at all that’s loved by you.

By: Francie Kelley

Little one its time to sleep
Little one your dreams are deep
When you slip into a slumber oh so sweet
Mommy’s here and Daddy, too
To tuck you in, we love you
The moon is high to watch you through the night

You’re our child, our sweet child
Like a river running wild
Some days tripping over rocks, glowing in the sun
Our precious one, our precious one.

What a gift we have in you
Shining eyes beaming true
The windows to your soul to help us see
The things we miss now that we’re grown
Are born again here in our home
living through the wonder of your days


By: Francie Kelley

There’s a moon on the rise
Stars like diamonds in the sky.
There’s a chill in the air
Nightbird cries
and the north wind is blowin’ in tonight.

Hey little Suzy
you’ve been riding the range all day
Hey little Suzy won’t you come inside and play
Hey little Suzy come in, Hey little Suzy come in.

Hey little Suzy
the campfire is burnin’ low
Hey little Suzy those doogies really have to go
Hey little Suzy come in, Hey little Suzy come in.

Time to bring in the ponies
Haven’t they had a long day
I’ll rustle us up some dinner
you can toss your horse some hay…


Dinnertime is over
You can put your jammies on
We’ll mozy on over to the bunkhouse
And I’ll sing you one more cowboy song…


By: Francie Kelley

On the day that you were born
and they laid you in my arms
I thought that this would last forever

Tiny hands and tiny feet
a baby’s winsome smile
But a baby is a baby, oh my baby
for such a short while.

So rock them, hold them
Sing them to sleep
Love them each moment
And remember babies won’t keep

Hours become days
Days turn into weeks
Tiny feet begin to walk, in come little teeth

Big tears and new fears
drift away in child’s play
Then the baby ‘s gone
and the little girl, is on her way.


By: Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman

Stay awake, don’t rest your head
Don’t lie down upon your bed
While the moon drifts in the skies
Stay awake,
don’t close your eyes.

Though the world is fast asleep
Though your pillow’s
soft and deep
You’re not sleepy as your seem,
Stay awake don’t nod and dream.

Stay awake
don’t nod and dream.

By: Francie Kelley

Silence walks in, a welcoming friend
To your little room, it greets the days end
The old wooden clock goes tickity-tock
The sound of your breath
These are the notes to the song.

Children are the song of life
The lullaby for my soul
The peace of mind I searched the world for
Lives quietly just inside your door.

So I rock you to sleep your dreams they will keep
Your innocent face so full of grace
Remember each day
If I could mold it in clay
I’d hold it here in my hands… forever


By: Barney Saltzberg

Kiss the moon and stars goodnight
Look out your window
they’re shining bright
Kiss the moon and stars goodnight

Kiss the moon and stars goodnight
Pull up the covers
I’ll turn out the light
Kiss the moon and stars goodnight

I love to rock you in my arms
Watch you sleep at night
Moon and stars watch over your
Oh oh sleep tight


When the sun shines in your room
Night time turns to blue
Moon and stars will be back soon
Oh oh I love you


Moon and stars will always be
Here for you and I will too
You are my baby
Sweet dreams the whole night through


By: Francie Kelley

Go to sleep little sleepy head
As I lay you in your bed
Close your weary eyes so blue
and dream sweet dreams the whole night through

When tomorrow comes and morning’s here
We’ll have so much to do
Go to sleep little sleepy head
Sweet dreams the whole night through.

We’ll count the clouds up in the sky
Find some daffodils
Watch a single butterfly and chase her up a hill
Run barefoot in the summer grass
Dance with our shadows, too

Go to sleep little sleepy head,
Sweet dreams the whole night through.

Go to sleep little sleepy head
As I lay you in your bed
Close your weary eyes so blue
and dream sweet dreams the whole night through.