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Illustrations by Kit Colman

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To get more information about this artist or to see more of her art work visit her website at: www.KitColman.com
"Pelican and Cat"
"Dancing Turtle"
"Bear and Duck"
"Alligators Playing Volleyball"
"Muddy Rooster"
"Girl and Pig in the Mud"
"Dancing Frog"
"Wake Up & Go To Sleep"
"Ferris Wheel"
"Boy and Iguana"
"Girl in Flower Pot"
"Booklet Back Cover"
"Where Do You Want To Go Today"
"Dog in Shoe"
"Elephant and Bear"
"Luna Tango"
"The Iguana Tango"
"Girl Dancing With Bear and Dog"
"Bear and Elephant Dancing"
"Girl and Pig Dancing"
"Dancing Animals"
"Girl and Dog Dancing"
"Rose and Ladybug"
"Boy and Frog"
"Hermit Crab Playing Maracas"
"Alligators Playing Volleyball B&W"
"Bear and Girl on the Beach"
"Everyone Having Fun"
"Girl and Dog Playing"
"Girl and Bear Dancing"
"Sassy Duck"
"Grass Hoppers Dancing"
"Girl Dancing"