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From the Neighborhood to Around the World Francie Kelley Asks Kids, “Where Do You Want To Go Today?”

A Musical Safari Celebrating a Variety of Cultures

(Los Angeles, CA) Whether your imagination takes you soaring around the world or only as far as the end of your block, let Francie Kelley be your guide as you explore Where Do You Want To Go Today? Coming in February on Artsong Music, Francie’s second CD is brimming with the sounds of music from places as near as your backyard to as far as the beautiful continent of Africa and as far-out as the moon.

Francie Kelley is a vocal chameleon. Her strong, clear voice is ideally suited to children’s music and to every musical style showcased on this album – warm and lush on island-inspired tunes, light and fun on upbeat songs. The instrumentation is spot on, with instruments carefully chosen and expertly played to highlight every musical adventure. In addition to familiar instruments like guitar, bass, and piano that kids may already be familiar with, the CD also features guitarron, trumpet, dobro, banjo, violin, mandolin, and a variety of percussion instruments. Where Do You Want To Go Today? is a real family experience as Francie is joined by husband Pat, a veteran studio musician and composer who produced the CD in addition to playing many of the instruments. Their daughter Katie is featured on “Heart of the Matter”, and background vocals throughout.

We begin our journey on the Serengeti, grooving under the magic of “African Skies.” Next stop is Hawaii, where the ukulele, slack key guitar and Hawaiian lap steel set hips swaying to the hula on “Uku Ukulele.” Mexican meatball soup stirred up with latin rhythms are the right ingredients for “Albondigas.”

Every good traveler knows that taking time to stop and think about where we’ve been and where we are going gives us time to delight in the journey. Which brings us to “Seeds,” a beautiful song that reflects on the idea that all children are born with the same potential as they begin their larger journey – through life.

The tingling sound of the steel drums whisks us to the Caribbean as we sing along to “Jamaica, Make It Come True.” The Emerald Isle and its charming lullabies are the inspiration for “Irish Dream” – complete with an Irish bishop on fiddle. Not content to leave the escapades to people, cats and dogs get into the act on “Has Anybody Seen My Kitty.” And for those homebodies, you need look no further than your own yard as Mom runs amok on “Tarantula Tango.”

“It all began with a true story about a tarantula in our backyard that wove itself into an Argentinean Tango! A baritone ukulele found at a friend’s garage sale inspired a little Hawaiian melody. Crafting these songs has been a joyful journey!”, says Francie.

Francie’s first CD, Wake Up And Go To Sleep, was honored with a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award, NAPPA (National Parenting Publications) Award and Dove Foundation Seal of Approval. Francie is a sophisticated and highly talented singer and songwriter. Drawing on her background in television and musical theater, both her recordings showcase her musical mastery with polished performances.

Where Do You Want To Go Today? is available at retail nationwide and at franciekelley.com.

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Title: Where Do You Want To Go Today?
Artist: Francie Kelley Suggested Retail Price: $12.99
Release Date: February, 2013
Website: franciekelley.com